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Swedish University Hockey League

organized by
The Swedish University Hockey Association

In December 2022, the Swedish University Hockey Association, SUHF, was founded with the aim of developing Swedish university hockey.

Our ambition is to establish university hockey in Sweden and thereby create an attractive platform where hockey players can combine their passion for the sport with higher education after high school graduation to promote long-term success and well-being, both on and off the ice.

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who are we?


Swedish University Hockey Association, SUHF

SUHF is a non-profit association consisting of participating players and leaders from all teams in SUHL.

The SUHF board includes both current and former players, all of whom have experience in both Swedish and international ice hockey, spanning from youth to junior and senior levels. Together, the board members also bring hundreds of matches’ worth of experience at university and college.

The association is a member of the Special Sports Confederation, the Swedish University Sports Federation, SAIF.

Swedish University Hockey League, SUHL

SUHL is a national university league operated and organized by SUHF.

The league has its own competition regulations but also adheres to regulations and rulebooks developed by the respective Special Sports Confederation (SAIF and SIF) as well as the Swedish Sports Confederation, RF.

Starting from 2023/2024, SUHL is an official national league recognized by the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation, SIF.


The foundation of everything we do

value base of SUHF

Academic Engagement

We value and promote a strong connection between studies, sports, and the business world. By encouraging hockey players to pursue higher education, we create a platform where knowledge and sports collaborate to strengthen the individual both on and off the ice.


Life Balance and Joy

We believe in the importance of creating a balanced lifestyle built on joy. By offering opportunities to integrate sports and studies, we strive to promote physical, mental, and academic well-being for long-term success.


Fair Play and Respect

Fair play is the cornerstone of our operation. We cherish a respectful and inclusive atmosphere where every individual, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, or skill level, is treated with dignity and respect.


Personal Development

We are dedicated to promoting individuals’ personal development. By offering opportunities for engagement, influence, and responsibility, we aim to create an environment where every individual can discover and develop their full potential.


Experience and Community

We are committed to building a strong community and providing entertaining and memorable experiences. By creating meeting places and events for increased interaction, we strive to strengthen the bonds between players, fans, and other stakeholders.

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Do you want to get in touch with us for more information about SUHF, SUHL, or how you can be part of the continued development of Swedish university hockey?

Feel free to reach out to us at info@studenthockey.se or directly contact any of the board members of the Swedish University Hockey Association.

Additionally, check our News section where articles describing the history of SUHF and the initiative behind SUHL will be published regulary.

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